Dak Nong is currently one of the provinces with large avocado farming area and output in the country, with an area of nearly 2,600 ha, accounting for about 20 % of the total area of fruit trees in the province, mainly concentrated in districts of Dak Mil, Dak R’lap, Dak Song, Dak G’long và Gia Nghia town. In particular, the intensive farming area is more than 700 ha, the intercropping area is nearly 1,900 ha. The average avocado productivity is 10-15 tons/ha. Avocado trees are easy to grow and less pestilent. The cost for care of this tree is only 1/3 of that of other perennial crops. With a constant price for many years, each hectare of avocado gives the income of 300-500 million VND per year. Currently farmers in Dak Nong cultivate many varieties of avocado with good quality and high productivity such as Cuban avocado, 034 avocado, Booth avocado, Hass avocado, wax avocado etc.

With the topographical, climate and soil conditions different from other cities/provinces in the country, Dak Nong province can plant many avocado varieties giving fruits throughout the year from January to November each year. Dak Nong avocado is favored by domestic and foreign perennial consumers because fruits are bigger, more buttery, darker yellow, more beautiful shape and long harvesting time compared to avocado planted in other areas.

The Avocado is the fruit with high nutritious value, rich in energy, contains about 25 kinds of natural vitamins and minerals that are healthy and considered as super-food.