Geographic Coordinate: Latitude North: 12.574220,

Longitude  East: 107.885950

Administrative Location: Area 4, Eatlinh town, Cu Jut District, Daknong province.

Bang Mo vocano
Bang Mo vocano

Shape of crater: The dome of crater looks like an isosceles trapezoid from far distance, a sunken truncated cone-shape in closer look in the middle of bowled-shape, the ring fault of oval-shaped raise higher. The steep-sided of crater is about 35-450. On the terrain map, crater is quite circular.

Bang Mo actived around 5,33 – 0,78 Ma, in the sub-second of third phase of Daknong Geopark’s historical geology

Volcano has truncated cone-shape in the middle, ring fault ovan-shaped, bowled-shape inside and fissure vent is the typical type of central eruption, a case-study can be use in study, research about the principle of eruption at school and public educated.

The common element of ash sandstone is grey– blur brown grey…distributed on crater and volcanic flank, the same like oval-shaped crater and bowled-shape inside (due to the volume shrinkage and weight balance of lave flow after eruption) reflex the type of eruption is central-vent eruption.

This volcano has a medium size but beautiful shaped and extraodianary of Daknong Geopark.

Basalt columnars also plus the beautiful of Bang Rup waterfall, and attract more tourists.

In ancient time, basalt rocks of this volcano has been used to rock tools to serve living and survival. Nowadays, product of volcano eruption – basalt rocks surrouding is being used for construction materials, serve the need of civilian construction and hard-infrastructure.

These crust’s weathering products of this volcano made a layer of fertile soil, adapted the high productivity for farmer’s planting (pepper, coffee, fruit, cashew,…).