Geographic location (VN2000): 

Latitude:  1378334N

Longitude: 401286E

Administrative location: 10 A village, Dak Lao ward, Dak Mil district, Daknong province.

Columnar Basalt in Dak Lao
Columnar Basalt in Dak Lao

The volume of basaltic mined in this area is up to 0.125 million cubic meter, has been now exploited. It is near Thuận An volcano (landmark heritage) and other beautiful landscape surrounding Đắk Mil town such as Hồ Tây and Đắk Mil prison (historical heritage).

By the time volcano eruptions, the lava flow which has the temperature up to 11000 – 12000 C, surges down, spreads throughout the ancient surface, subsequently cools down and solidifies in lower place. During cool down, solidification and volume contraction period, a homogenous lava drain is able to form the columnar basalt structure in the consistently settled environment. The size of the column depends on the lava components and the surrounding environment. The more homogenous the components of the lava are and the more consistent the cooling down environment is, the bigger basalt column is made. The usual topology of the column’s lateral shapes is polygonal, predominantly pentagonal and hexagonal. The diameter of each column generally fluctuates under 100cm; however, some greater ones can also be found. The length of the column measured can range up to several meters.