Hang No
Hang No

Location: Hamlet No.8, Quang Khe commune, Dak Glong district.

Hang No had its name written in the administrative map of France during the years from 1959 to 1954. Hang No was located in the area where Ma people (an ethnic minority of Viet Nam) resided in. Hang No had it’s original name as R’Hang Nor (R’Hang means the old village, while Nor is the name of a nearby stream. So R’Hang No means the old village near Nor stream)

In late 1961, after a wide range of failures, the American imperialists shifted to the “special war strategy”, putting the focus on gathering civilians into places to form strategic hamlets all over the South of Viet Nam, of which, the Central Highlands was considered as the key area. 

American imperialists set up and fortified the traffic routes, established the concentration zone, strategic hamlets all over the old Quang Duc province. Between 1962 and 1963, the strategic hamlet of Hang No in Bich Son commune, Khiem Duc district, Quang Duc province (now Quang Khe commune, Dak Glong district) was established at an important strategic location, right on the strategic North – South corridor, East of Quang Duc province, which was aimed at setting up a barrier between Viet Nam’s revolutionary bases  and the rear, breaking of the strategic corridor and preventing the assistance of Vietnamese compatriots towards the revolution in the South, paralyzing the revolutionary bases and pacifying the South of Vietnam as soon as possible.

In 1963, Vietnamese soldiers launched an offensive to decimate the Hang No strategic hamlet and despite the strong resistance of the enemies, they won a complete victory, collecting all the weapons, military equipment, food and killing over 40 enemies.

The Victory of Hang No was the result of a typical revolt that combined combat with political struggle and agitprop among enemy troop and it was also the first revolt to take place in Khiem Duc district. It demonstrated the smart strategy in terms of military as well as politics; the capability of making the accurate and scientific judgement to decimate the enemies at a militarily strategic location and finally put through the strategic corridor connecting the revolution in the South with Truong Son road in the East of Quang Duc province. It also reflected the resilience, unyielding will of the Party, the soldiers and people of Quang Duc provinice (now Dak Nong province), as well as the solidarity for a noble purpose of the patriots from all groups of ethnic minority living in this highland. 

Not just holding historic significances, the historic relic of the Location of Victory of Hang No strategic hamlet also honors the revolutionary achievements of the past generations, which makes it qualified for a form of relic to mark the deeds of arms. So, on 8 May 2015, Dak Nong Provincial People’s Committee recognized it as a provincial level historic relic under the Decision No. 1164/QD-UBND.