Location: Tho Ho     ang 4 hamlet, Dak Sak commune, Dak Mil District

Coordinates: 12018’11.4 “North latitude, 107035’30.6” East

History of the Victory on hill no. 722 -Đắk Sắk (photo: Hoang Duc Hung)

Location Hill 722 – Dak Sak is a Camp for Duc Lap Special force founded by US – South Vietnam in 1965, about 10 km east of Duc Lap district (former Quang Duc province) to the east (now located in Tho Hoang 4 hamlet, Dak Sak commune, Dak Mil district). Here the enemy built solid fortifications with 12 layers of fence, the inside is the wall of the battlefields, deep trenches, mines. The enemy force always maneuver in place 01 battalion armed with modern weapons.

In 1968, our main troops combined with local people to open fire on Duc Lap district and a number of enemy positions on Sapa, Dak Lao and Dak Sak. Hit the enemy troops. On the night of August 24, 1968, the base camp of Duc Lap Special Forces – the last enemy fortress was destroyed, the occupying forces and the South Vietnam System from district to commune disintegration.

We occupied the Duc Lap Special Forces Camp for more than 3 days, the enemy mobilized all forces from Buon Ma Thuot and military bases in the province of Quang Duc to respond, surrounded the surprise attack with the the support of modern weapons, the best off the camp Duc Lap. After nearly 10 days of fighting, we destroyed more than 1,300 enemy, collected many weapons, military equipment,. However, due to information delayed, did not have enough resources and food supply timely so the enemy recaptured Duc Lap camp after 3 days, we lost nearly 200 soldiers.

In the short time of preparation, redraw the enemy’s battlefield layout, location of firecrackers, obstacles, types of mines, position of fortifications, gunners and enemy infantry has been identified. On March 9, 1975, soldiers opened fire on Duc Lap defense line, just over 03 hours attacked, we occupied the base of 23rd Division of the enemy, 28th regiment captured the Volcano. By March 10, 1975, we completely eradicated Dak Bak, Duc Lap.

Place of victory Hill 722 – Dak Sak marked many fierce battle of the main forces and local troops and people throughout the course of history from 1968 to 1975 to consume enemy forces, wiped out The system of bombardment destroyed the Ho Chi Minh Highway on the battlefield of the South Highlands, ensuring the highest secrets and results for our troops to march south, decided to liberate Buon Ma Thuot campaign Ho Chi Minh History.

On 24/10/2012, the monument was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism as a National historical monument, according to Decision No. 4063 / QD-BVHTTDL.