Geographic location:

Latitude:  12o24’50″ N

Longitude: 107o38’00″ E

Administrative location: Đắk Mol ward, Đắk Mol district, Đắk Nông province.

Mineral water reservoir in Đắk Mol
Mineral water reservoir in Đắk Mol

The mineral water reservoir was discovered by Group 704, Association of Geography and Water Resources in June 1983 when proceeding the drilling No. 809 in order to find underground water in basalt rock layer. At the depth of 128 meter of the drill, mineral water appeared. The water pressure gradually increased when the drill went deeper. At the depth of 185 meter, the water stream ejected 18 meters above the ground with the volume of 25 liters per second. The water was CO2-saturated, which made its pressure was too high to continue drilling. The high-water pressure also triggered the erosion of the drilling land basement, following by the extensive spilling of the water. To protect the natural resources, group 704 decided to cover up the drill area. In December 1984, as required from Đắk Lắk authority committee, group 704 proceeded a new drill (LK809B) which is 12-meter northwest away from the previous one. At the depth of 130m, water appeared and at the depth of 180m, the stream ejected 11m high from the ground with the calculated volume of 11.87 l/s and containing lots of foam. The water sample was collected to access the physical and chemical properties. A report was approved by the General Department of Geology for the information of the quality and quantity of the water resource reservoir. The mineral water reserve volume is 840 m3/day (C1 level) and the CO2 reserve volume is 9.5 ton/day.

This is the unique hot mineral water mine of 2 provinces Đắk Lắk and Đắk Nông. It indicates that there was either the activity of the post-magma process or an abundant source of geothermal energy in this area.