Geographic Coordinates:

Latitude: North 12.476250,

Longitude : East 107.942730

Administrative Location: Buon choah ward, Krongno District, Daknong province.

Nam B’Lang vocano (photo: Vo Anh Tu)

The dome of crater looks like an isosceles trapezoid from far distance, a sunken truncated cone-shape, the ring fault raise higher and fissure vent. Standing in the peak, we can observe its cone-shaped, the ring fault of oval-shaped with longitude direction of long axis and -sub latitude direction of short axis, the outer flank of crater is 30-450 of slope, the inner flank slope is 45-600. From above, crater has circular cone shaped and clear fissure vent.

The activities of Nam B’Lang happened in many stages, phases (in the same stage), approximately around 0.61 Ma to 0.2 Ma, relates to sub-third stage (Quaternary) of Third Stages of Daknong Geopark historical geology.

 Nam B'Lang vocano
Nam B’Lang vocano (photo: Le Thanh Dat)

Nam B’Lang volcano has truncated cone-shape, the surface from various sides is the same isosceles trapezoid shaped (typical case-study), the peak straightedge North – Southwest, quite flat. The cone-shaped crater, the ring fault oval-shaped and fissure vent. The mechanism of cone-shaped crater and sunken fissure vent is the phenomenon of depression as the balance principle of gravity after eruption suspended. The inner flank of crater slopes to 60-800, distribute heavy block basalt rock, red-blown color outter and black-grey inner color. Come between block basalt are ash, tuff, breccia, iron mud’s clust and soil’s weathered. Inside the crater, floras strongly develop, a typical tropic forest zone

From the summit, we can distinguish lava flows surrounding which fanned out to the North, Northwest and West. With the landform and morphologic, Nam B’Lang volcano can become an Outdoor Volcano Geological Museum, very helpful for geology study and sightseeing activities, it’s also a fine destination for student to do their research. Nam B’Lang volcano can be the outdoor laboratory for physical high school student or a place to educate for local community.

The sunken surface right next to the flank of crater (nowadays) in the South – Southeast with hierarchical terrain in the area of crater remains the changing of eruption vent in every phase and the staging of eruption.

Volcano eruption has created many beautiful legacies, valuable, volcano shape, waterfalls and landscape, volcanic cave system, tree-mold (fossil), types of rock: basalt columns, fine-grained basalt, pilo-lava,…

Nam B’Lang volcano is one of the most beautifull volcanoes in Central Highland with features truncated cone-shape, fascinated that tourist can observed from far distance to close-up for sightseeing and visiting.

Nam B’Lang Volcano created the most incredible scope and unique cave system in the Southeast Asia, many hidden interesting stories also need to be study and reveal.

There are two waterfalls which recorded as national historical landscape, they are Gia Long and D’ray Sap waterfall in the distribution of volcanic basalt rock Nam B’Lang. One of them, D’ray Sap is the most beautiful, imposing in the Central Highland.