C6.1 cave

In the past, human beings lived in a huge cave in the Dray Sap forest area (now known as C6, C6.1). The life was passing smoothly, suddenly there was a large earthquake that caused the cave to collapse in the cave, leaving only two children of the age of ten, children of two different families: Đam Ban is a boy and Hơ Đan is a girl. Two children luckily escape by picking flowers near the spring next to the cave entrance. The cave was filled, their parents were could not be found anywhere, Dam Ban and Hơ Dan was crying a lot and then wandering in the forest, they stopped in front of many small cave but the animals were full inside, they did not let Dan Ban and Hơ Dan step in. The night was dark, the forest was deserted and cold, and they searching for every single step. Finally, Dan Ban and Hơ Dan went to a large cave, inside are full stars lights , there were a Mother Goat and her baby. Two children arrived, mother Goat invited two children into the cave, brought out a lot of delicious food invited two children to eat. From there, the two children of Dan Ban and Ho Dan live with the goat mother, every day the goat mother still go to the high mountains for food, pick up the stones that night sparkling glittering stars as abandoned in the cave. Day by day, one day goat mother carry Dam Ban and Ho Dan on a mountain. Here they live in a splendid building: diamond roofs, golden walls and a lot of strange things. Goat and Hanh Dan, the two children are eaten beautifully nice to play all day.

As time goes by, many times when the sun wakes up and goes to bed, Dam ban and He Dan become adults. The couple married and gave birth too many children, their children and grandchildren born many children, grandchildren. So the human multiplies in abundance, they are compact in the mountains. Goat’s mother is very fond of human beings, she gave goat milk to help her adoptive children and go to the mountains to get food for human.

People are more and more crowded, they are going everywhere to make a living. Before the day they parted, they gave thanksgiving to the goat. And goat’s mother gives the human race all kinds of seeds, animals. The mother and the goat also lead them to large lands, green trees, beautiful rivers and streams. Humans are everywhere on every planet. That is why most ethnic groups in the Central Highlands and some other ethnic groups raise goats and treat goats as a valuable part of the community.

According to the legend, the M’nong ethnic group affirmed that the Dak Nong plateau of which they settled today is the ancestor of the ancient ancestors who once made the site. Through these legends, the M’nong people want to remind their descendants about the origin of their traditional house of the cave that their ancestors once lived in, to preserve together, Preserve the cultural identity of the community for future generations.

According to Y Ting Bkrong, Y Wơn Ê Ban)