Geopark is a model of sustainable socio-economic development of the locality through geological tourism activities. Of which, one of the factors that create sustainable development is to establish a network of geopark’s partners, providing standard products and services to serve tourism within the Geopark’s area. These partners are not only suppliers but also supporters and comsumers of others’ products and services to meet the needs of locals and visitors on spot.

In that sense, since the very first days of establishment, the Management Board of Dak Nong Geopark has focused on building and developing a comprehensive partners network to provide tourism products and services within the geopark’s area. Accordingly, the Provincial People’s Committee also issued the Plan No.153/KH-UBND on April 5th 2018 on Geopark’s partners network establishment. In particular, the plan also developed training facilities and other utility services to serve the tourism development needs of the Geopark.

Annually, Dak Nong Geopark organizes Partners’ meetings to discuss, exchange experiences and cooperate with the commitment to improve the quality of products and services to better meet the demands of locals and visitors. At present, the partners network of Dak Nong Geopark has more than 30 official members providing local products and services for the development of Geopark tourism, aiming at comprehensive development and sustainable cooperation between partners and the geopark as well as among partners to each others to sustainably develop local socio-economy. At the same time, opening up new directions for partners in business and products development.

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