The Phuc Duy gas station in Dak Mil district is an interesting destination in Dak Nong UNESCO Global Geopark. Despite the fact that it is only a private gas station for the passing vehicles, the owner has taken good care of it. The already quite flat hill was expanded for more space, and apart from supplying gasoline the station also sells different types of agro-products, e.g. coffee, pepper, cocoa and other kinds of 24/7 commodities. Along with the very modern and clean WC system, the station is also a place for exhibition of rare ornamental trees and stones, hence it deserves a stop on the experience route “Wind of change concerto”.

Not only that, the rock excavation reveals a well-preserved, beautiful cross-section. It is possible to observe here at least two old volcanic eruption phases, from 800,000 to several million years ago. The first phase, at the lower part of the cross-section, is composed of completely weathered tuff and ash etc. Transiting upward with a clear boundary is the younger phase represented by giant basalt polygonal columns c.1m in diameter and 3-4m in height. These same columns are being weathered, revealing a quite complete weathering profile. In the uppermost part, c.0.5m thick, the basalt has completely changed into red soil. Below this is strongly weathered basalt where though mostly changed into the soil still retains, however, its structure. Further down is weakly weathered basalt where the rock changes colour, i.e. the degree of weathering gradually reduces until the relatively fresh basalt at the bottom of this phase is right on top of the lower, older phase.

This cross-section continues for more than hundred meters beside and behind the gas station, making it a perfect geosite, to view volcanic eruption phases, giant columnar basalts and a typical basalt weathering profile.