Located at the north of Dak Nong province, bordered with Dak Lak province, Dray Sap Special used forest is 120 km away from Gia Nghia city. It belongs to bio-geography of South Central and Central Highland with the total area of 6,539.18 ha; 1,652.17 ha for specialized forest, 4,887.01ha for protective forest. The characteristics of its biodiversity are as follow:

Diversity of ecosystem: According to investigation result of Nguyen Dinh Thang and colleagues in 2015 and investigation result, additional examination in 2017, it is shown that Dray Sap landscape specialized forest has 02 main ecosystems: natural ecosystem and artificial ecosystem.

Diversity of flora: By investigation result in 2015 [1], Dray Sap landscape specialized forest has 1047 high vegetation species belongs to 571 genera and 141 families of 04 different vegetation. The flora of Dray Sap landscape specialized forest mainly contains taxon Magnoliophyta, accounts for 82.98 percentage of number of families (117 families), 92.47 percentage of number of genera (528 genera) and 91.88 percentage of number of species (962 species); amongst them, the Magnoliopsida is the most abundant, as the table 7 below.

While comparing to some National Parks and Natural Reserves in region of Central Highlands, Central Vietnam and Southeast, composition of high-level vegetation in Dray Sap Special-used Forest is very adundant and diverse in spite of small area scale.

In 1047 listed species, 59 species, which are threatened at national level (Vietnam Red Book, 2007) and global level (IUCN, 2014) are found at Dray Sap Specialused Forest that has high reservation value, result is displayed in table 8. At national level, there are 42 species, 01 amongst them is at critically endangered (CR), 16 species are at endangered (EN) and 25 species are at vulnerable (VU). At global level, there are 28 species, 04 amongst them are at critically endangered (CR), 08 species are at endangered (EN), 07 species are at vulnerable (VU) and 09 species are at lower risk (LR).

Especially, some species are at highly endangered that listed in evaluation of Vietnam (Vietnam Red Book, 2007) and in the world (IUCN, 2014) as: Ba ria rosewood (Dalbergia bariaensis Pierre) EN-EN; rosewood (Dalbergia oliveri Gamble ex Prain) EN-EN; rosewood (Dalbergia mammosa Pierre) EN-EN; Doussie (Afzalia xylocarpa (Kurz) Craib) EN-EN; Costata (Anisoptera costata Korth) EN-EN.

Diversity of fauna: Due to characteristics of geographical location, topography, soil, climate and forest ecosystem, the fauna is completely typical. Investigation results identified 289 vertebrate animal, amongst them 54 beast, 187 birds, 32 reptiles and 16 frogs belongs to 85 families, 25 sets in Dray Sap Special-used Forest Dray Sap Special-used Forest has the Bird and the Beast which are diversity of species. However, the Insect, Fish and Mollusca are not investigated and studied yet.

Especially, some species are at high endangered level by evaluation of Vietnam (Vietnam Red Book, 2007) and the world (IUCN, 2014) as Black Shanked Douc Langur (Pygathrix nemaeus nigripes) EN-EN; Pygmy Loris (Nycticebus pygmaeus) VU-VU; Southern pigtailed macaque (Macaca leonina) VU-VU; Turtle (Manouria impressa) VU-VU;…