Nam Nung Nature Reserve is at the administrative border of 07 villages Nam Nung, Nam N’Dir, Duc Xuyen (Krong No district), Quang Son village (Dak Glong District) and Dak Hoa, Dak Mol, Nam N’Jang villages (Dak Song District), with the total area of 21,865.87 ha. Most is primitive forest.

Diversity of ecosystem

Nam Nung Natural Reserve has 02 ecosystems Broadleaf evergreen natural forestry ecosystem and Natural bamboo mixed forestry ecosystem. The area of broadleaf evergreen natural forestry ecosystem accounts for most of area with more than 90 percentage of Natural Reserve.

Diversity of flora

Based on previous researches, the fauna are very abundant and diverse. There are 881 species of vascular plant belonging to 541 genera of 175 families. There are 75 rare and precious species named in the Red Book of Vietnam and the world Red Book such as Rosewood, Red-wood, Sindora Siamensis, Merawan, Apitong, Mukulungu, Trigonobalanus verticillata, triangular oak… In the world, triangular oak is only found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. Dak Nong geopark is one of the three sites in the Central Highlands, Vietnam found triangular oak. The vegetation cover is the place where the fauna is raised. It is divided into 334 species, accounting for 39.1%; pharmaceutical group has 333 species, accounting for 40.8%; Group of plants for human and animal has 192 species, of which 51 species for fruits, 14 species for tubers and seeds, 70 species for leaves, 37 species for animal food, 20 species for drinking water.

Diversity of fauna