“Rhapsody of fire & water”

09 Lava field

Basaltic cover accounts for more than half of Dak Nong province, of which 85-90% was formed during volcanic eruptions approximately one to several million years

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08 Nam Kar Volcanoes

The Nam Kar volcano range is composed of three volcanoes in a valley in Phu Son village, Quang Phu commune, Krong No district. The main

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07 Nature forest pathway

In the center of Daknong Province, Nam Nung Forest in Nam Nung mountains (Buffalo’s horn mountains) plays an important role to accommodate the climate of

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06 Nam Nung Partisan Base

The Nam Nung mountain range gets its name from the M’nong language, where “Nam” means “mountain”, and “Nung” is “a horn”. During the war against

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05 Kaolin quarry

Kaolin is a clay soil that consists mainly of the white-coloured, fine-grained mineral kaolinite. The name is derived from “Gaoling”, a village near Jingdezhen in southeastern

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