“Wind of change concerto”

20 Rubber farm

Rubber trees initially only grew in the Amazon Rainforest area. Nearly 10 centuries ago, Maina native people learned that the tree’s resin could be used

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18 Mango farm

Mango is a popular fruit in Asia, featuring a very special taste and sweetness. Mango trees have roots that extend deep into the ground to

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17 E-De Village

The Ede are long-established people in the Central Highlands, belonging to the Austronesian ethnic group. The Ede language belongs to the Cham language subgroup of

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16 Serepok bridge

In 1898, the French began their invasion of the  Central Highlands, with the first move to Buon Don and afterward Daklak plateau. In 1904, the

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26 Nam Gle volcano

Nam Gle volcano (meaning the mountain of bambusa trees, former named Thuan An volcano) is located at Thuan Hanh village, Thuan An commune, Dak Mil

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