Cultural conservation associated with community tourism development in Ea Po commune

Preserving national culture

Thai Cultural Club in Phu Son Village has been established and maintained for many years. The dances of the stall, wading, and dancing, etc imbued with Thai cultural identity are always chosen by the members to practice and perform.

The culture of the Thai people is quite unique, it shows the community and the bustling atmosphere. When they first entered Dak Nong to start a business, life was difficult, so their relatives did not have the conditions to practice and promote. When life is gradually stabilized and improved, the Thai community began to restore the cultural values of their nation, especially the Xoe dances, stall dances, and bottle dances …Through cultural training sessions, women also confided in each other, propagated legal knowledge and experience in family economic development.

Performances imbued with Thai ethnic identity are always practiced and performed by cultural teams in Ea Po commune.

Cultural conservation associated with community tourism development

To encourage and  the mass cultural art, the Party Committee and government of Ea Po commune always create favorable conditions for cultural and artistic activities. At present, all villages and hamlets in the area have established art teams and maintain regular activities. Each team has from 5 to 10 members with different ages and activities on a voluntary basis. On the other hand, every year, the commune spends a part of the budget from the budget to support the commune’s cultural teams in purchasing tools, renting performance costumes, etc.

On holidays, Tet or important events, the commune organizes cultural and artistic activities, attracting the attention of a large number of people in the area. Although they are “homegrown” performances, amateur actors always show their best, giving viewers many new levels and emotions. In particular, the Thai community in Ea Po commune still preserves lots of unique and rich traditional cultures. The richness and uniqueness of Thai ethnic culture is reflected in all aspects of daily life from costumes, houses, cuisine to production labor and rituals and festivals. advantages for the locality to develop community-based tourism, with activities to experience cultural life imbued with national identity.

According to Mr. Dinh Cong Xoan, Chairman of Ea Po Commune People’s Committee, the cultural activities create a joyful and exciting atmosphere and strengthen community solidarity. On the other hand, it creates conditions for many mass actors to have the opportunity to show their talents in dancing and singing, helping the commune to discover and foster talented individuals to be the core of cultural art in the commune.

Currently, the locality is coordinating with the Management Board of Dak Nong UNESCO Global Geopark to develop a plan to guide people to promote necessary steps such as developing operating regulations of the community tourism management board ; regulations on community tourism activities; building a traditional art program to serve visitors; designing souvenir products from brocade weaving to serve the shopping needs of tourists.

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