Provincial-level recognition historical site of the Basic Command Department of the Central Highlands Campaign (Phu Son village, Ea Po commune, Cu Jut district)

The historical site of the Basic Command Department of Central Highlands Campaign is the location of the Central Highlands Campaign Command, where the Central Highlands Campaign Command and the units, divisions and departments of the campaign agency are: advisory, combat, reconnaissance, chemical, guard (guard), information, etc. stand to command, direct, and comprehensively operate forces, combat operations and struggle on offensive directions in the Central Highlands campaign in 1975.

The relic may also have other names such as: Location of the headquarters of the Central Highlands campaign; Headquarters CZ 275 (Operation 275),…. Provincial recognition and ranking will greatly contribute to the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage values, upholding the spirit of resilience and fostering the pride of Dak Nong people in DNUGGp region in particular and Dak Nong province in general.

Stream flowing along the Command
The current entrance to the monument
Hero of the People’s Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Nguyen Quoc Thuoc (left photo), former Chief of Staff of the Central Highlands Front, Staff of the Central Highlands Campaign, former Commander of Military Region 4 is locating the Headquarters on the map of the Central Highlands Campaign for the staff of the Museum of Dak Nong Province (right photo) during the process of collecting and documenting relics.

The government and people  will join hand to preserve and promote the local historical and cultural values, and educate patriotic traditions for today and future generations.

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