The Photo Exhibition “Volcanoes and Volcanic Caves Wonders” in Dak Nong

“Volcanoes and Volcanic Caves Wonders” is the theme of the photo exhibition held at the 20th International Symposium on Vulcanospepeology (ISV20) and the Symposium on “15 years of Geopark development in Vietnam”,  held in Dak Nong from November 21-26.

Triển lãm ảnh "Kỳ quan núi lửa và Hang động núi lửa" tại Ðắk Nông - Ảnh 1.
Nam Kar volcano (Photo: Management Body Dak Nong Geopark)

The photo exhibition “Wonders of Volcanoes and Volcanic Caves” focuses on displaying photos and artifacts of international caves and basalt volcanoes belong to the UIS-Commission on Volcanic Caves (abbreviated as UIS-CVC) and caves, basalt volcanoes belong to the Global Geoparks Network (GGN). The exhibition space is in the Hall B of the Provincial Conference Center, and all of title, photos, and artifacts are bilingual Vietnamese-English and divided into 3 parts.

The exhibition part of Dak Nong province (Vietnam) will introduce 60 typical photos of volcanoes and volcanic caves in the DNUGGp, display 350 archaeological artifacts that were discovered and collected at C6.1 cave; a video presentation about the geological history of Dak Nong province to provide a general introduction about volcanoes and volcanic caves in the DNUGGp. The international exhibition part will show 20 typical photos of basalt volcanoes and volcanic caves belong to some Global Geoparks in the world.

Especially, some archaeological artifacts in the DNUGGp are displayed for the first time at the exhibition, such as bronze arrows, oval shaped axes, chipped stone tool, ochre sample, and shards of pottery and mollusk shell…, found in C6.1 cave. These are utensils that prehistoric residents created to serve hunting and gathering needs dating 5,500-4,000 years ago – in the Mesolithic period.

Besides, some samples related to the formation process of Dak Nong are also displayed here, such as sedimentary rock samples, ammonite, and other fossils… Among them, ammonite found in the DNUGGp are quite special, as they are the name of a group of molluscs species that have gone extinct.

The exhibition helps visitors not only see the beauty, greatness, and wonderful creation of nature but also understand more about the value of these heritages, and have an adventure about the formation process, uniqueness of DNUGGp and the wonders of volcanic caves in the world. Thereby raising awareness and contributing to the government’s efforts in preserving the heritage.

Fortunately, the photo exhibition has received contributions of documents and artifacts from many individuals and organizations both domestically and internationally.

Space of the photo exhibition “Volcanoes and Volcanic Caves Wonders”

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