Long Tong Festival in Dong Son village, Long Son commune

The Long Tong festival of the Tay – Nung ethnic group in Dong Son village, Long Son commune (Dak Mil) is held on the occasion of lunar January, usually on February 7th (on the 17th day of the first lunar month). Wishing for favorable rain, peaceful wind, and bountiful crops. This is also considered a religious activity to worship the god of agriculture – the god who governs the fields and agricultural production activities.

Lion dance

After the worshiping ceremony, the festival includes: Singing of the Nung ethnic group, then singing of the Tay ethnic group, stall dancing, ethnic fashion performances, and regional culinary contests.

The maintenance of the Long Tong Festival in New Year and spring provides the Tay – Nung ethnic people in Dong Son village, Long Son commune a great entertainment spots, especially this is also a place of gathering and communication among people and tourists. At the same time, somehow encouraging the spirit of local people to share labor and production experiences together, so that next year there will be a good harvest.

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