* This project won the Third Prize at Provincial level and Third Prize at National level of the 15th Creative Contest for Teens, 2018 – 2019. Project owners: Trần Cẩm Ly – Class 11C1, Krông Nô High School.

The outcomes of this project include:

(1) A visualization model of volcano and caves.

(2) Souvenirs for tourism from nature-friendly materials.

This project aims to preserve heritage values ​​and create livelihoods for people living in the area of ​​Dak Nong UNESCO Global Geopark.

A visualization model of volcano and caves

“ Volcanic pumice will be weathered and metamorphosed into soil over time, so we take advantage of a very small part, the most susceptible component to weathering, almost discarded to make paintings. At the same time to limit the use of volcanic glass, in the process of making the volcano model, I replaced it with artificial glass. ””

This model is considered a good visual tool for teaching the Earth Science in the school.

C6.1 cave model

9 rock types in Dak Nong UGGp

Souvenirs for tourism from nature-friendly materials

Geopark opens the door to local socio-economic development through tourism. Thus, the project builds a number of handicraft products in the Geopark such as:

– Elephants from volcanic stones

Bước 1: Lựa chọn đá tại chân núi lửa Chư Bluk
Bước 2: Hoàn thành tượng

Tiger picture from volcanic dust

Bước 1: Vẽ định dạng tranh và ráp đá bọt núi lửa
Bước 2: Tranh “Chúa sơn lâm” hoàn thành

Brocade bracelets and headbands

Potrait pictures from volcanic dust and sand were presented to 2 UNESCO experts during their 2019 mission

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