Visiting, experiencing heritage sites and basalt volcanic caves in the Dak Nong UNESCO Global Geopark

After the main programs of the Symposium have taken place in Gia Nghia City, on the afternoon of November 24-26, delegates will move to visit some heritage sites along 3 routes: Route 1 “Rhapsody of Fire and Water”; Route 2 “Wind of change concerto”; Route 3 “Sounds of The Earth”, and stop at the center of Krong No district to exchange with locals, visit and experience some volcanic caves (belonging to Route 1).

With the spirit and passion for research, and limited time, to ensure good experiential activities, the delegates proactively divide into 2 groups to visit and explore the heritage sites along 3 routes, such as: Nam Gle volcano (Thuan An commune), Nam Kar volcano (Quang Phu commune), Nam B’lang volcano (Buon Choah commune), and the caves such as: C7, C3, C4, C6.1, C1, C2, C9, C8, P8, and Dray Sap waterfall. These are unique and beautiful heritage sites and caves of the Dak Nong UNESCO Global Geopark.

Delegates visit Nam Kar volcano (Quang Phu, Krong No) – photo by Ngo Minh Phuong
The group visits Dray Sap waterfall and C3-C4 basalt cave – photo by Quang Van Toi
Experts experience and research basalt cave in Krong No district – photo by Ngo Minh Phuong

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