Being one among many interesting destinations on “Wind of Change Concerto” route, Bang Mo volcano is a great geological site to explore the space and time imprints of the Earth’s tectonic history on this M’nong plateau.

“Wind of Change Concerto” route

Bang Mo volcano (previously known as Ea T’linh volcano) is located in Ea T’linh town, Cu Jut district. It is rather young and typical of the central type of eruption, dating from c.200,000-600,000 years ago.

Bang Mo crater – Photo: Le Thanh Dat

Bang Mo volcano is well preserved with a relatively round and sharp profile, at c.407m asl, 242m in diameter, 40m in height and sloping 15o. Scoria, spatter, ash, bomb and lava could be found scatteredly on the crater surface.

For hiking to this crater, it takes only about 30 minutes. Thanks to its gentler slope, it is suitable for tourists of all age to do this outdoor activity. From a stop on the crater, looking far away, visitors can embrace the whole space of a peaceful and prosperous town. Bang Mo volcano promises to be an interesting and new destination for tourists from all over the world.

Bang Mo volcano landscape  – Photo: Vo Anh Tu