New passage discovered in Dak Nong volcanic cave

A new passage has been found in Cave C7, which is part of the Krong No volcanic cave system and is notable for being the longest of its kind in Southeast Asia, stretching for a length of about 199 metres.

A new map of C7 Cave

The discovery was made by international experts following a recent exploration of Cave C7 as part of the 20th international symposium held on volcano speleology.

The effort saw a team of experts uncover a new passage which has an additional length of about 199 metres and extends the length of Cave C7 to more than 1,266 metres.

Currently, experts are continuing to complete the 3D drawing of Cave C7.

This comes after experts also surveyed and found several new passages in Cave C7 with a length of roughly 175 metres.

Krong No Volcanic Cave is a system of volcanic caves in basalt which are approximately 10 km long. Indeed, they set a record for size, length, and uniqueness in Southeast Asia when they were found by scientists in 2014.

Since being discovered by scientists in 2014, roughly 50 branch work caves of various sizes and lengths have been found at Krong No Volcanic Cave.

The Krong No volcanic cave system remains intact. In the process of surveying and studying the cave system, scientists discovered traces of the residence of prehistoric tribes which date back between 6,000 and 7,000 years ago.

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