For generations, Ma people have been proud of the Lieng Nung ever-dried waterfall and its connection with the history of the local village. Upper Lieng Nung waterfall originates from the 12 ha Dak Nia Lake on a branch of Dong Nai River. The lake provides stable water source for agricultural production and for downstream rapids forming the Lieng Nung waterfall.

At this site, columnar basalts of tens of meters high create a majestic and interesting landscape. The basalt columns were formed by eruptive and dynamic geological activity, with lava contracting during cooling, thus forming a beautiful Lieng Nung waterfall landscape.

The boundaries of different eruption phases are clearly visible at Lieng Nung waterfall. The rocks here date to about 5.3 – 2.58 million years ago. Around the area of Lieng Nung waterfall, there are also many signs of tectonic activities such as cracks and tectonic faults.

Associated with the natural beauty of Lieng Nung waterfall is an interesting legendary story. The legend has it that a long time ago there was a severe drought, which caused the wildlife to die of thirst. However, people, plants and animals in this place were kept alive thanks to the miraculous Lieng Nung waterfall. The news quickly spread around. People living nearby rushed to Lieng Nung for water. Among the people coming here, there was some bad guys who plotted to take control of the waterfall. In order to protect the flow of precious water, K’E, a healthy young man in the village, decided to gather and lead the local people to fight against the bad guys. The battle was so intense that only K’E survived.

To rebuild the village after the battle, K’E traveled to seek help. He met a girl named H’Det dying of thirst on the roadside and brought her to life with Lieng Nung water, then she became more healthy and beautiful than ever thanks to this magic source of water. Since then, the couple decided to get marry and rebuild the village together.

Today, Lieng Nung waterfall is the place which holds many annual festivals, attracting lots of visitors near and far.