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Kaolin quarry

Kaolin is a clay soil that consists mainly of the white-coloured, fine-grained mineral kaolinite. The name is derived from

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"Sound of the Earth"

Mangosteen farm

The mangosteen tree is native to Malaysia. It was the Catholic missionaries in the early 19th century

"Sound of the Earth"

The sacred tree

At Phi Mur village, there was a giant banyan tree called M’Tam Jrê in the Ma language.

"Wind of change concerto"

Truong Son Road Historical site

Truong Son Road (known as the legendary trail) with a total length of about 20,000 km, is

"Wind of change concerto"

Victory Hill 722 – Dak Sak

Hill 722 – Dak Sak was a camp for the Duc Lap Special Force founded by the

"Wind of change concerto"

Basaltic eruption phases

The Phuc Duy gas station in Dak Mil district is an interesting destination in Dak Nong UNESCO

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