8 new UNESCO Global Geoparks in 2021

On April 21st 2021, the UNESCO’s Executive Board has approved the designation of eight new UNESCO Global Geoparks, which brings the number of sites participating in the Global Geoparks Network to 169 in 44 countries.

Later on, The Global Geoparks Network in collaboration with UNESCO Earth Sciences and Geo-Hazard Risk Reduction Section has organisied a live Welcome digital event for the 8 new UNESCO Global Geoparks, including:

  1. Vestjylland, DENMARK
  2. Saimaa, FINLAND
  3. Thuringia Inselberg-Drei Gleichen, GERMANY
  4. Grevena Kozani, GREECE
  5. Belitong, INDONESIA
  6. Aspromonte, ITALY
  7. Majella, ITALY
  8. Holy Cross Mountains, POLAND
The Welcome Digital Event for the new UNESCO Global Geoparks in 2021 

This welcome event was held in live for the International mother day on April 22nd 2021. Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nikolaos Zouros – the President of Global Geoparks Network,​​ emphasized the significance and important role of geoparks in connecting the Earth heritage values ​​with local communities and tourists to enhance their pride and responsibility for preserving and promoting those values ​​for future generations.

In his opinion, the number of Network members has increased rapidly over the years, from 25 (in 2004) to 169 (in 2021), proving the Global Geoparks Network’s undenied role and strengthening its international position. At the same time, it affirms that the trend of sustainable development is the optimal solution that has always been sought and supported by many countries/territories all over the world.

For Dak Nong Province, thanks to the efforts and consensus of both local authorities and people, Dak Nong Geopark was officially successfully recognized by the Global Geoparks Council in 2020, opening up a new chapter for member mutual exchange and cooperation in the future. In addition, “this title” also creates an attractive “brand” for investment-calling. Above all, it proves the right orientation of local government and people in the sustainable development policy.

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