The Sub-committee for Vietnam UNESCO Global Geoparks summarized the work in 2022

Within the framework of the ISV20 and the scientific seminar “15 years of Geoparks development in Vietnam”, on the morning of November 23, the Sub-committee for Vietnam UNESCO Global Geoparks held a Meeting to summarize the work of 2022 and propose directions for 2023. Attendees included Mr. Trinh Hai Son, Director of the Institute of Geological Sciences and Minerals – Head of the Sub-committee; Ms. Pham Thi Thanh Binh – Deputy Secretary-General of the Vietnam National Commission for UNESCO; representatives of Management Boards of Geoparks in the Vietnam Geoparks Network: Dak Nong UNESCO Global Geopark, Dong Van Karst Plateau UGGp, Non Nuoc Cao Bang UGGp and potential Geopark of Lang Son.

anh tin bai
The members of the Sub-committee attended the meeting

2022 is a year of active activities, with many very good results such as international cooperation activities through organizing and participating in live and online conferences; actively standed for election at specialized agencies; signed Memorandum of Understanding on comprehensive cooperation with UGGps of some countries; attended activities and events organized by the GGN and the APGN to expand cooperation with Global Geoparks.

The Sub-committee for Vietnam UNESCO Global Geoparks had also support for localities to enhance their understanding of the significance of UNESCO’s programs and activities; well perform the work of conservating and promoting the values of various types of UNESCO titles and heritages; and build the UNESCO’s development model in some provinces.

The Sub-committee is also continuing to advise the government and ministries to perfect mechanisms and policies for world heritages management in Vietnam; focusing on training and building the capacity of staff; coordinating and supporting localities in preparing dossiers for the recognition of heritage sites, conserving and managing heritage sites; and reporting periodically and revaluating heritage sites according to UNESCO’s regulations.

In 2023, the Sub-committee will continue to guide localities in managing and conserving heritage sites in the Geoparks according to UNESCO’s criteria; submit proposals to the Natural Science Subcommittee (Ministry of Science and Technology) to support localities in developing Geoparks.

Especially, the Sub-committee will support the implementation of the Project “Building a list of heritage types and proposing the plans of zoning conservation, promoting the values of heritages in the Dak Nong UGGp in the period of 2021-2025, toward 2030”; coordinating with a group of consultants to survey and select sites and operate the 4th tourist route in the Dak Nong UGGp.

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