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Canarium tramdenanum

Canarium tramdenanum is a native species to South China and Vietnam. In North and Central Vietnam, the tree grows wild in semi-deciduous forests at elevations below 500m asl on moist or slightly dry soils, or it is planted around villages in the midlands.

The woody tree can be up to 10m or more in height with horizontal branches. The leaves are odd-feather-shaped compound, 15cm in length, with 4 pairs of leaflets, tough bunches, bright on top and hairless on lower surface, 8-10 pairs of secondary tendons. The flowers are yellow-white in panicles with spindle-shaped bracts much longer than the sepals. The flowers have 3 petals 4mm in length with 6 stamens attached only at the base. Flowering season is May while fruit ripening is September-December. The drupe fruit is purple, oblong, 3-4cm in length. Having warm properties, the fruit, root and leave features a sweet, fleshy, acrid, sour and fatty taste and can be used for refreshment, detoxification, tooth decay, rheumatism and cold treatment…

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