** This project won the Second Prize at Provincial level and Third Prize at National level of the 16th Creative Contest for Teens, 2019 – 2020. Project owners: Vương Khả Ngọc Hạnh – 6D Class, Nguyễn Du Secondary School – Kiến Đức Town – Đăk R’lấp district.

This project aims to enrich visual teaching and learning materials in the local culture curriculum, and at the same time, introduce to domestic and international friends about the unique features in cultural life of the Central Highlands M’Nong people. They are one out of 3 indegenous peoples in Dak Nong UNESCO Global Geopark.

This model is the simulation of the production process of M’Nong community’s cultural activities such as: rice cultivation, rice pounding, cloth weaving, hunting, cooking, playing gongs, holding festivals….

The model operates on wind power, combined with a deceleration motor based on the principle of deviation.

The main materials are: bamboo, wood, fiber steel, speed reducer, brocade cloth, grass, straw and other recycled materials.

Fllowing is the comparision between the reality and model: