12 Dray Sap waterfall

Dray Sap waterfall is located in the territory of Dak Sor commune, Krong No district. In the Ede ethnic language, it means Smoky waterfall. At more than 10 meters high on Serepok River, the Smoky waterfall was formed by basalt flows of the Nam Blang volcano which erupted and covered sedimentary rocks. On coming here, visitors can observe many different forms of foam basalt, signs of basalt flow and fossil molds. The basalt eruption here also formed columnar basalt rocks, resulting from the fact that lava flows slowly cooled and contracted.

Photo: Ngô Minh Phương

Smoky waterfall forms a natural, majestic and pristine landscape with many interesting associated legends including a touching love story of a beautiful girl named H’Mi, who was washed away by a huge water current created by the giant beast. Her lover tried in vain to pull her back, desperately watching the girl gradually dissolve into the mist. With grief, the man transformed into a large tree, rooted deep into the rock, looking like a miserable man with open arms. The huge water column then transformed into Upper Dray Sap waterfall with water flows looking like H’Mi’s tears falling day and night, mourning for her love.

The story of the typical faithful girl H’Mi and her lover who swore to be together forever has touched visitors’ hearts and made a deep impression on them when visiting Dray Sap waterfall.

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