02 Duy Hung Goat Farm

Duy Hung goat farm is located on fertile basaltic soil in Dak Ha commune, Dak G’long district. Established in 2015, the farm covers an area of ​​more than 20 ha which is planned and designed as a close-packed organic model including farm, pond and cage, planted acacia and cotton trees as pillars for pepper to grow.

In addition, this farm also has a cultivation of 1,000 trees of Booth Avocado and a zone for goat breeding (a mixed breed of Boer and Bach Thao goats). Besides, a system of ponds totalling more than 2,000 m2 in area is reserved for fish breeding, storing water for livestock and irrigation in the dry season.

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In particular, the farm utilizes leaves of acacia and cotton plants to make daily feed for goats. The goat dung is then composted and fertilized to pepper. With this organic fertilizer source, the farm can reduce the cost by 50-60% while still ensuring the development of pepper. This close-packed model also helps to release leaves off the pepper’s pillars, providing a stable food source for goats in both dry and rainy seasons. In addition, the farm owner – also plants monbasa grass on an area of 3,000m2 to change and create a rich source of food for goats in the rainy season, in order to ensure good quality of goat meat.

The irrigation water for pepper and livestock is taken from the commune’s irrigation system, through sedimentation tanks and put into automatic irrigation system for pepper and water tank for goats and other animals. The organic farming process ensures the safety and hygiene of the environment, plants and animals.

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Địa chỉ

Đường 23/3, p. Nghĩa Trung, TP.Gia Nghĩa,

Tỉnh Đăk Nông.

Liên hệ

Phone: (+84) 2613 93 93 93

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