Truong Son Road (known as the legendary trail) with a total length of about 20,000 km, is a special strategic military transport network that runs along Vietnamese territory through the South of Laos and Cambodia.

In the early years of the Indochina war, the anti-French triple alliance including the Viet Minh forces (Democratic Republic of Vietnam), Laos and Cambodia chose and initially formed a trail on Truong Son Range. In American resistance war (in 1954), Vietnam was divided into two regions (North – South). In order to continuously support the battlefield of the South, the Politburo, the Party Central Committee and President Ho Chi Minh decided to open a strategic trail through Truong Son range. It was not until May 1959 that the 559 Corps was established with the task of route opening and expanding into a complex network, named Truong Son trail.

During 16 years (1959-1975), Truong Son trail played an important role in smoothly providing military force, food and weapons from the North to the South regardless of fierce attacks from the US Army and the Republic of Vietnam military force with advanced weapons. This route greatly contributed to changing face of military power and final victory of Vietnam liberation.

Photo: Dak Nong Online

In Dak Nong province, the historical monument of Truong Son trail at Don 8 T-junction, Dak Song district is now a small part on an eastern branch of the legendary Truong Son trail. The relic dossier and on-site memorial board were made by the 12th Legion, Ministry of Defense.

In 2000, Truong Son trail was officially started construction and changed its name to “Ho Chi Minh Road”.