Hill 722 – Dak Sak was a camp for the Duc Lap Special Force founded by the Americans and South Vietnam in 1965. It is about 10km away from the center of Duc Lap district (former Quang Duc province) to the east now belongs to Tho Hoang 4 village, Dak Sak commune, Dak Mil district. In this area, the American built solid fortifications and the enemy force always maneuvered in place here a battalion armed with modern weapons.

In 1968, the Vietnamese main troops along with local people opened fire on Duc Lap district and several places in the country. On the night of August 24th 1968, the base camp of Duc Lap Special Forces – the last enemy fortress – was destroyed, the occupying forces and the South Vietnam System from district to commune disintegrated. Vietnamese troops occupied the Duc Lap Special Forces Camp for more than three days. However, the enemy recaptured Duc Lap camp after three days.

Hình ảnh này chưa có thuộc tính alt; tên tệp của nó là DNAUGGp-Site-23-A1-Dinh-Trai-Duc-Lap-chup-tren-cao-bang-may-bay-1.jpg
Dac lap Camp – Photo: Internet

In a short time of preparation, on March 9th 1975, after attacking for three hours, the Vietnam troops (23rd Division) occupied the base while the 28th regiment captured the volcano (Nam Gle – Thuan An volcano nowadays). By March 10th 1975, Duc Lap basecamp was completely eradicated.

Victory Hill 722 – Dak Sak marked many fierce battle of the main forces, local troops and people in many attempts from 1968 to 1975 to defeat the enemy forces, and wipe out the system of strategic fortifications on the battlefield of the South Highlands, which destroyed the Ho Chi Minh trail, ensuring the highest secrets were kept and allowing our troops to march south. On October 24th 2012, the monument was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism as a National historical monument.