Ma people chose the eastern part of Dak Nong province to establish the village and settle down for generations. For Ma people, the forest is their home, supplies them with food and protects them from enemies. The Ma follows the polytheism, all things are believed to have gods (goddess) to reside and govern.

For the local Ma ethnic group, the stone next to the old tree on the roadside of Highway 28 in Dak Plao commune, Dak G’long district is the residence of the Stone God who watches over all the activities and protects the Ma people.

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Only sincere people are allowed to pray in this temple. Under the stone, there is a small hole fitting a human hand, and those who come to ask for something shoulf be honest and put their hand into the hole. Anyone who cheats will not be able to pull their hand out and will be punished by the Stone God.

Local Ma people have embellished the temple of Stone God and made it convenient for people to visit. This is also the place where the Ma people make traditional rituals and pray for luck, and for the health of crops and families. From here, tourists can also visit the Ma village, ancestral mountain and hear some legends about the origin of the land, people and culture here.