photo: Duy Thoan

Dak Nong Geopark is the interference and convergence land of the tangible and intangible cultural values. Of which, festivals of M’nong, Ma and Ede ethnic groups are a type of folk culture with a spiritual element, playing a very important role in community life. They also express unique cultural features associated with mystical spiritual life such as: Thanksgiving worship, Forest God worship, New rice celebration, wedding ceremony, maturity ceremony, etc. Many types of folk culture such as: art, music, literature, cuisine, etc are performed and preserved in such occasions.

photo: Vo Anh Tu

With the concept of polytheism, local people have a system of agricultural rituals, life cycle ceremony associated with other unique folk cultural activities. By that, locals pray for good things to community. At the same time, through these rituals, they also express optimistic spirit, the will to conquer nature and life aspiration.