Geographic Coordinates:

Latittude North 12.476250,

Longitude East: 107.942730

Administrative Location: Thuan Hanh hamlet, Thuan An ward, Dak Mil district, Dak Nong province.

Nam Gle vocano
Nam Gle vocano (photo: Vo Anh Tu)

The dome of volcano has bowled-shape with a bit convex. Standing in the summit, we can observe the differ shape of Nam Gle Volcano compared with others of Daknong Geopark. Oval-shaped of volcano straighten to narrow trough, the lowest position creates a deep narrow channel overlapped with formation fault of Northeast – Southwest direction. From above, Nam Gle volcano looks like the turning over of both sides mussel’s crust. The Northeast and Southwest flanks of volcano are non-symmetric: The Southwest flank is steep-sloped (50 – 700) while the Northeast flank form a hierarchical less steep-sloped to Northeast (<400).

Nam Gle volcano active around 781.000 – 126.000 years, in the third sub-phase (Quaternary) of third stages of Daknong Geopark historical geology, considered as the youngest volcano of Central Highland.

Nam Gle vocano (photo: Vo Anh Tu)

Volcano’s cone shaped oval, straight to Northeast – Southwest, overlapped with Region’s fault. It proves that Nam Gle volcano eruption may dominated by the geodynamic of region, lava basalt has been bring out by the crack, fault and eject to the ground.

The existent of eruption’s products like: forced fold basalt, ash sand-stone, volcanic ash, … on the crater and surrounding has reflexed the mechanism of volcanic eruption. Magma floats up from the mantle through the cracks and it explodes on the surface.

Nam Gle volcano is the subject for study and research of geology – morphology characteristic and volcanic dynamic, not only for scientist but also for academic students and high school student.

Nam Gle volcano is one of the beautiful volcano shape, a composition of cracks eruption and explosion.

Beneath the bottom of volcano is a widen and beautiful natural lake, its formed could be related to this volcano activities, also need to do more research.