In order to raise awareness and responsibility of the local communities in rational exploitation and conservation of natural resources and environment protection, especially to develop sustainable tourism, contributing to promoting provincial socio-economic development, the Management Board of DNAUGGp has regularly organized training courses on geoparks and heritage values in the localities within the Geopark’s area.

Participants in training courses involved bottom-up levels, especially the participation of pupils from primary schools to high schools in districts and town within the Geopark’s area.

At training courses, the propaganda team of the DNAUGGp introduced some basic information about the process of Dak Nong Geopaark formation and development, ít outstanding heritage values in geology, archeology, culture and biodiversity; At the same time, raising communities’ awareness through a code of civilized behavior to well carry out the conservation of the heritages. In addition, the Management Board annually organized field trips for local delegations to enable them to access the Geopark fully. Since then, the sense of ownership and heritage preservation among the communities will be raised thoroughly.

Through these training courses, the Management Board also oriented and encouraged local communities to develop sustainable tourism models and formulate typical tourism products to further promote DNAUGGp’s image to potential international and domestic visitors.