Opening ceremony of the 7th International Conference of the Asia-Pacific Global Geoparks Network (APGN7)

On the morning of September 7, 2022, the 7th International Conference of the Asia-Pacific Global Geoparks Network (APGN7) was officially opened at UNESCO Satun Geopark, Thailand.

The conference took place from September 5-11, 2022, with the participation of more than 500 delegates (including 350 face-to-face and 200 online delegates), scientists, geoparks’ managers and representatives of government agencies of 60 countries around the world. The main theme of APGN7 is: Building a sustainable community” is divided into 7 discussion topics which are:

(1) The sustainable development goals of UGGPs;

(2) Mitigation of geological hazards;

(3) Biodiversity and Geopark;

(4) Geopark and sustainable tourism;

(5) Education to raising public awareness about Geoparks;

(6) Indigenous knowledge and cultural heritage within the Geopark;

(7) Potential Geoparks.

As a new member to the Geopark Network, besides our active participation in activities within the framework of the Conference, the delegation of Dak Nong province actively studied, met and connected with members of regional network to expand international cooperation and exchange. Activities that Dak Nong delegation participates in include:

1. Meeting of the Coordination Committee of the Global Geopark Network in Asia – Pacific;

2. Participate in the election of the Coordinating Board of the Global Geopark Network in the Asia-Pacific region;

3. Participating in the meeting of Candidates Defending the hosting dossier of the 8th Global Geoparks Network Asia – Pacific Conference in 2024;

4. Attending the Conference Opening Ceremony

5. Involved in seminars and presenting at the Workshop with “Volcanic wonders and volcanic caves of Dak Nong UNESCO Geopark;

6. Signing a Memorandum of Understanding with UNESCO Maros Pangkep Geopark (Indonesia);

7. Connect and invite delegations to the International Conference on Volcanic Caves (ISV20) hosted by Dak Nong

8. Proposing ideas for establishing thematic groups in the Regional Network;

9. Field visit within the framework of APGN7

10. Attending the closing ceremony of the Conference

11. Participate in fairs and exhibitions of typical documents, publications and specialties about Dak Nong UNESCO Geopark arranged by the Organizing Committee. Sending staff to take turns providing information and pictures about Dak Nong UNESCO Geopark to delegates and visitors.

Dak Nong delegation arranges documents, publications, featured products of Dak Nong Geopark
at the exhibition booth

In addition, the Dak Nong delegation also acquired lots of valuable experience in organizing international events to prepare for the International Conference on Volcanic Caves (ISV20) which will take place in November 2022 in Dak Nong.

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