A new logo for UNESCO Global Geoparks

In order to further strengthen its visibility though the new and somewhat simplified logo to improve its legibility, especially in the digital and interactive communication environment, UNESCO issued a new set of Graphical Standards on the use of the UNESCO logo both by UNESCO itself and by its programs and network members in April 2021.

One of the main logo changes, particularly for the Global Geoparks, is that there are no longer specific individual logos that include the individual name of the UNESCO Global Geopark combined with the UNESCO temple. Instead, the new generic logo is to be used. (As following)

The new UNESCO generic Geopark logo

Normally, a Geopark also has its own logo, which can be used at the same time with the new UNESCO generic Geopark logo. However, the two logos should be placed apart, and no elements should be added to or around the UNESCO logo.

For this reason, in the upcoming time, Dak Nong UNESCO Global Geopark needs to adjust the logos on its information panels, leaflets, etc to meet this new regulation of UNESCO

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